Episode #3 How an MBA student unlocked pent up fintech demand at MIT

This special miniseries on MIT was directed, narrated and produced by John Siracusa & ListenDeck podcast production.

In 2014 fintech wasn’t really a common term.  But, Carlos Sanchez Altable, who was an MBA student at the time, had the intuition of applying technology to finance.  That intuition led to a discovery of pent up demand of students hungry to venture in a new sector of business.    This led MIT to create new courses such as Fintech Ventures and an annual staple fintech event.

About the host:


John, is the host of the  ‘Bank On It’ podcast recorded onsite in Wall Street at OpenFin and Million Dollar Startup, a fully remote, high quality pitch competition podcast.   He’s also the founder of the remotely recorded, studio quality standardized audio production system ListenDeck.


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