Audio & Video production at the highest quality standards

It’s a common thing to underestimate the details and time it takes to produce a quality podcast.

Add in remote-recording and your production gets very complex, very fast, from extracting quality sound, capturing crisp visuals and accounting for connectivity issues.

How do you do this?

Contact us today to produce your regular podcast or live stream

Remote Podcast Production

Regularly scheduled podcasts.
From scheduling to post­production,
we manage it all.


Stream like a pro on destinations like Linkedln, YouTube or Facebook.
While looking and sounding like a broadcaster, we manage this for you

Miniseries Production

Think of this as a documentary - 3 to 6 episodes on an important topic that includes 3 or more commentators with world-class audio story and drama.

Curious to what you get?

pre production

Equipment management including mics and cameras

Remote equipment setup and tests

Guest preparation


Directing & recording

Recorded file management

Hands on assitance

post production

Full editing including music & graphics

Organizing/arranging files & mistake editing

File preparation for distribution on all podcast & video channels