How to turn your demo day into an irresistible podcast

Every accelerator is facing the challenge of doing a virtual demo day.

Transitioning to a virtual demo day is easy to do as it relates to the technology used to do it. But, it’s hard to capture the attention of the right audience.

One surefire way to engage with an audience of investors, mentors and partners is to tell a story they can’t resist. I’ve been a mentor and a member at Techstars/Barclays Rise NYC. I’ve seen dozens of founders go through the program, there’s so much content produced that most demo day audiences never see. Demo day audiences only see a refined pitch.

What they don’t see are things like mentor madness, investor madness, mentor and team meetings. I’ve been in all types of accelerator meetings as a mentor and also as a founder. I can guarantee you that those meetings are as interesting as demo day. What if we could take those moments and capture them in the moment and turn it into a podcast? Produced right, everyone your trying to attract to your demo day won’t be able to resist.

How do we do it?

It’s all in the fundamentals of production and storytelling.

Recording founders and their interactions behind the scenes as they build the way to their demo day. Releasing episodes as a limited podcast series.

Demo days themselves are exciting as a finale, but there’s so much going on before it which is generally not captured. Although Covid-19 forced everything to go remote, it created a great opportunity for accelerators to test this out.

We have the production resources to do this.

I’m keen on doing this with a top accelerator. Contact me below if you’d like to talk further.