Podcast episode scheduling

Questions I get daily with new clients.

How often should we release our episodes?

Once a week is minimum and release the same day/time every week. Consistency is important in building an audience. I release twice a week for my Bank On It podcast. If I’m going to change production (as I did during Covid) I communicate it. I don’t miss episodes (unless it’s scheduled and communicated to my audience) and I never delay release times. This is important for two things.
    • Audience relationship building
    • Building a standardized production system

What day of the week?

Scheduling will vary depending on your audience. If your audience are VCs, then avoid Monday’s since most board meetings happen then. I’ve released every day of the week. I found Monday’s and Fridays have the lowest download numbers, whereas Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are better.

What time?

This is depending on your audience but I release at 4:00 am est to take in account most time zones.