Podcast success metrics

How do you measure whether your podcast is a success or not? If you’re having a hard time figuring this out, don’t worry, it actually is very hard to do. It’s not hard on how to measure, it’s hard to figure out what to measure. There’s a lot of uncertainty on what success means in podcasting. I’ll give you some insight into what I measure.

Metric #1:

Are they interested? Do they even care enough to listen? If not, then they aren’t. If they aren’t listening, then nothing else matters.

Metric #2:

Do they subscribe? There are lots of ways to measure subscribers, the important point for this post is whether they’re doing it or not.

Metric #3:

Are they engaged? Engaged means in social media, in person or non media forums like email.

My audience is made up of fintech founders, VCs, Angels and bankers. My guests get a ton of emails or phone calls after their episode on my show releases. This is engaged.

Everyone’s success metrics will vary based on their particular desired outcome. But no matter, a great first metric is are they interested.

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