Reducing room echoes

This is how you reduce room echo.  I’m going to discuss reducing room echoes in pre-production, but there are also ways to remove echoes in post production with software. 

First we need to do a quick test.  Sit down where you’re going to record and clap your hands a few times.  With that you’ll hear echoes.  Keep in mind, mics pick up echoes and amplify them.  It’s important to reduce echoes in your surrounding area and choose the correct mic as well.

How to reduce echoes in your room with everyday items;

    • Shut your window shades.
    • Avoid rooms with wood or tile floors, if you can’t put a rug or a fabric mat underneath you.
    • Cover any hard objects such as counter tops or desks with a blanket or a towel. 
    • Make sure all doors are shut and a heavy towel is placed on the floor between the door and floor.
    • Soft fabric furniture is good such as couches or beds at absorbing echoes. 
    • Place pillows or soft bags in each corner of the room.  
    • Place towels or moving blankets on the wall directly behind you by hanging them on the back of a few chairs.  

Reduce how echoes are picked up by your mic.

In order to record remotely in a quality manner, you’ll need a cardioid mic.  Here’s an example of one. Having a cardioid mic will reduce the amount of echoes that have access to your mic.  So, even if you can’t eliminate all of your room echoes, you can reduce the amount which is picked up.

Here are some quick mic hacks;

    • Hold the mic 1-2 inches away from your mouth at a 45 degree angle with the butt of the mic facing the floor. 
    • Have something large and soft directly behind you like a large movers blanket.  With a cardioid mic the sounds behind you are picked up more than the sounds in front of you.  
    • Have a foam mic cover.  
    • Point your back away from outside noises.  

The combination of both above will get you most of the way to removing room echo.  Your editing team can reduce further echoes with software. 

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