Remote recording software

What remote recording software do I use? This is the question I’ll answer today in this post. Although I mention two software systems in this post, I’m not recommending them, they happen to fill my need.
High quality audio records local to my mic and the mic of my guest. Software’s needed for this, so here’s what I use. This post is not a recommendation or comparison of different software, it is a post on the software I use at this point. I currently use for recording remote interviews, because it records high quality audio local to my mic and the mic of my guest. There’s another software that I’m testing soon called, same principle.
I won’t get too technical, but never record over VoiP or phone. They’re streamed audio which records at much lower def. They both sound worse when you listen to the recordings.
2 reasons recording streamed audio is bad.
    • It sounds awful. Today, people who listen to podcasts or audio-books have a high standard in regards to audio requirements. If you have horrible audio quality, nobody is going to listen regardless of your guest or content.
    • It takes more time to post-produce (edit). If you have high production standards in regards to finished product it costs more money to edit poor quality audio.
When you record over VoiP or phone the audio records on one end (which is usually the hosts). This is what causes quality issues.
The next important factor is the mic. Only use a cardioid mic, if you’re using a software, you’ll need a USB mic since most recording software’s built for laptops.

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