Sound check items needed

Every room has echo.  Room echo is the top cause of poor interview recording audio.  During our sound check we’ll test different configurations to arrange everyday household items to reduce and remove echoes from your room.

Please have these items readily available for your soundcheck.

    1. Pillows
    2. Bags (soft, such as a backpack or duffel bag)
    3. Thick, large towels
    4. Small area rug
    5. Movers blankets
    6. Yoga mats
    7. Heavy blankets

Please make sure to do the following prior to soundcheck.

    1. Be in the room which you’ll be recording.
    2. Make sure all window shades are shut.
    3. Make sure all doors are shut and a heavy towel is placed on the floor between the door and floor.
    4. You have your laptop available.
    5. You have a high quality USB mic plugged into your laptop.
    6. You have earphones plugged directly in the mic (if a jack is available)  If not, then in your computer.
    7. You have an area rug/yoga mat/heavy towel directly underneath you