Video podcast or no video podcast?

Video podcast or no video podcast?

There are two ways to incorporate video into a podcast.  I’ll be discussing both ways here.

The first way is to broadcast video, meant for the audience.  The second is non-broadcast, meant for the guest and host to see each other during the interview.   

Broadcasting video:

I don’t do it for two reasons.

Broadcast video, is a very different medium than audio only.  The way interviews happen and story’s told vary from one medium to the other.  Each medium requires a very different production system.  The biggest competitive advantage in podcasting is the underlying production system.   Without a standardized production system shows are inconsistent and stressful to manage. 

My interviewing style uncovers stories through questions of guests.  For me, video interviews doesn’t quite capture the pureness of a back and forth conversation.  When there’s a camera people  perform rather than be themselves.  My show is all about amazing founders and VCs being themselves.  I found, video obstructs this.  So I don’t do it. 

And today, due to the Covid outbreak, remote recording is the only way to record.  Even though I have a state-of-the-art studio in downtown NYC, I can’t access it.  My show has very high production quality, producing audio only makes it easier on guests.  My guests all have professional mics, you can see the guidelines here.   If I incorporated video, we’d need to transport very heavy equipment.  

Zoom interviews:

I don’t do this for two reasons.  One, it’s not podcast friendly for recording purposes.  Two, I found that even non-broadcast video makes guests nervous.  So for those reasons I don’t incorporate video into my podcast. If you decide to, remember to understand distribution channels and line up a standardized production system.

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