Miniseries produced by ListenDeck

Founding Fintech
This 3-part podcast series series is a production of ListenDeck, a podcast & video production company.  

This series is about the beginning of fintech and the early stages of financial technology as it transitioned from traditional banking into its digital transformation as we know it today.  We follow the story from the journey and growth of CapitalOne (the first modern fintech) & QED Investors (a top global fintech VC firm) through the experience of Nigel Morris co-founder of both CapitalOne and QED Investors.   In this series we have so many amazing people such as Matt Harris from Bain CapitalFrank Rotman from QED InvestorsHans Morris from NYCA, Nigel Morris & many more.
The evolution of fintech in Canada miniseries

This special miniseries on Canada fintech was directed, narrated and produced by John Siracusa & ListenDeck podcast production. 

The early 2000s ushered in the development of technological innovations and specialized talent. Over the following decades, the support to that ecosystem through government and other innovative programs cultivated a fintech evolution all across North America.  In this series we’ll follow the story of how it all started, how it’s going today and what each player can do for a more expansive fintech of tomorrow.  Join us and listen to the stories of the people who helped make fintech in Canada what it is today, people such as Paul Desmarais III, Dominique Ferst, Maor Amar, David Unsworth, Jan Arp, Michael Katchen, Stephanie Choo, David Nault, Matthieu Cardinal, Marcus Daniels & many more.

MIT-Rise of fintech podcast series

This special miniseries on MIT was directed, narrated and produced by John Siracusa & ListenDeck podcast production.

Million Dollar Startup

Million Dollar Startup is a unique reality-show type podcast series where fintech startups battle for a 1M$ investment opportunity. Subscribe to the MDS podcast to follow entrepreneurs looking to make an impact on the industry & listen to star mentors and VCs advise them on their business